Top 5 Wedding Combinations For A Winter Wedding


Is your wedding set for winter? Winter weddings are classy, dramatic, warm (contrary to the temperature) and very memorable. If you are still uncertain which color would suit your wedding best then check out these top wedding combinations this winter:

color combination in wedding

  1. All shades of blue including metallic blue are memorable shades to use for winter. Blue could be the color for your wedding dress accents, your bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding koozies and of course your wedding invitations. Blue hues are dramatic and very inspiring. It represents the frozen beauty of winter which is evident all around you and your wedding guests.
  2. Choosing black could be the last item on your list but trust that black and white accents and wedding themes look dramatic, formal, out of the ordinary and very intriguing. You may use black and white for your wedding cake color, for your invitations, for your wedding decorations and your wedding candles.
  3. Choosing purple for as your wedding color is a striking hue despite the winter cold. Purple looks vibrant as your bridesmaid dresses, wedding candles, wedding shoes, koozies, purses, flowers and even for your tableware.
  4. Teal color is one of the best colors for winder. Teal reminds you of an amazing spring ahead and this color will look best on your décor accents like teal on your wedding flowers, on your tableware, teal ribbons on your wedding cake and on your wedding invitations.
  5. Metallic wedding colors are not just for the modern bride and groom. Metallic colors are brass, gold, silver and lead and using these colors creates a beautiful color combination that ties up your wedding venue and all your wedding details. Metallic colors may be on our venue and ceremony decorations, on your invitations, on your wedding bouquet and your bridesmaids’ dresses. Metallic accents will also make the wedding more spectacular when appropriate lighting is used.


There are a lot more color combinations for weddings this winter so make sure you study colors closely to see if a particular hue is the best choice for your wedding and reception venue and for all the elements on your wedding. A site I like to use is which makes it easier to pick out color schemes