Top 3 Tips for Wedding Favors


When planning a wedding, the bride and groom invite friends and family to share the day with them. As a way of celebrating the day with you, friends and family will come with gifts designed to enable the two of you start a new life as husband and wife on a soft platform.

Therefore, it is quite normal for the bride and groom to show their appreciation by presenting guests with wedding favors. However, making an informed decision on the best wedding favor to purchase can be confusing and hard. Listed below, are tips on how to favorspick the best wedding favors:

1.      Opt for Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts are forms of presents commonly associated with emotions. Examples of sentimental gifts you can give to your guests include tea lights, cookies, cakes, candies and disposable cameras.

2.      Themed Wedding Favors

There is no doubt that your wedding theme will be reflected on virtually everything from the cake to the invitation card. If you have limited funds but still want to show your appreciation, consider making customized favor cards with the same ribbons and colors used on the décor and other items. Koozies also make a great theme favor, they can be personalized and printed with whatever you like.

3.      Couple Favors

At times, you may not have enough funds to buy everyone a gift. If there are guests who have come to your wedding as a couple, consider presenting them with a gift which the two of them can relish. Examples of couple favors include, but not limited to gourmet gifts, games as well as potted flowers.

When looking for wedding favors, you can choose between hands-on and edible gifts. Practical favors are gifts which can be used by your guests long after the wedding, for examples, custom koozies, coasters and wineglasses, while edible favors are gifts that can be consumed by your guests on their way home. Still need ideas read this In addition, to safeguard against the possibilities of a shortfall, create extra gifts.