What exactly are Koozies?


In my last post people asked me what koozies are and I thought I would explain that a little bit.Have new-koozies-orderedyou ever used a koozie? Made of a thick piece of cloth or material that maintains the temperature of a drink. Usually made of neoprene, they help keep cold beer cans cold and hot coffee thermoses and cups warm. They are also sold personalized at Express Imprint , which carries a lot of them. Before the name koozie was used, users referred to this item as a beer huggie or a beer hugger since it is usually used for “hugging” beer cans and beer bottles. But actually this is a misnomer since the name are not just meant for alcoholic beverages. It may also be used for other kinds of beverages like juice bottles, energy drinks, soda cans and even ordinary tumblers and tall glasses.

The name koozie was actually coined as a trademark. The name was actually a trademark of the Radio Cap Corporation or the RCC and was registered in 1980. Since the koozie was introduced there have been several variations of the material, appearance and the styles. Here are some latest variations which were embraced by the general drinking public:

  1. Latest materials that are used  are able to effectively insulate a drink with the use of conduction and through external infrared sources. The latest ones may be able to reduce the rate a beer can warms up under the hot sun by up to 50%. There are specially-made huggies that are meant for beer drinking only; these are available for order online.
  2. One of the most common uses of a koozie is to easily identify your drink from other people. For example, you are drinking with several of your friends in a party; if all of you had one to place his drink in then there would be no trouble telling which drink is which.
  3. The most popular use of a koozie is for marketing purposes. Companies place their names and brands on them which they give away to patrons, customers and to new customers. This novelty item is perfect for the holidays, anniversaries, conferences and other company events. And aside from marketing, they may also be used as a memorabilia or a souvenir which are perfect for weddings, birthdays and parties.