Looking For New wedding accessories


We cannot deny the fact that every person wants to have a beautiful wedding. In fact, all of us if only have the money would pay higher in order to have a gorgeous wedding. Because a wedding only takes place once in a life time so you have to treasure the moment if possible. That is why compare from the previous generations, there are many wedding accessories that could be bought in order to have a gorgeous and elegant wedding. But, as expected the prices of these accessories is expensive compare to last generations. But, if you only have the money, why not purchased all of them? Your wife deserves anything so you have to provide her with the latest and the most expensive wedding accessories that could be bought in the market.

I am not saying that wedding accessories could only suit for rich people; there are some wedding accessories in the market that is cheap but has wonderful designs. You just have to find the right ones for your wedding. Because as you can see, wedding accessories is not that important in a wedding though some people take it as important but as long as you provide your wife a wedding then it would be fine. And to tell you frankly, there are many cheap but elegant wedding accessories available in the market. We do not really need to buy expensive things in order to make our wife happy, sometimes all we need is to provide their need. A simple wedding could be fine as long as you love each other.

What exactly are Koozies?


In my last post people asked me what koozies are and I thought I would explain that a little bit.Have new-koozies-orderedyou ever used a koozie? Made of a thick piece of cloth or material that maintains the temperature of a drink. Usually made of neoprene, they help keep cold beer cans cold and hot coffee thermoses and cups warm. They are also sold personalized at Express Imprint , which carries a lot of them. Before the name koozie was used, users referred to this item as a beer huggie or a beer hugger since it is usually used for “hugging” beer cans and beer bottles. But actually this is a misnomer since the name are not just meant for alcoholic beverages. It may also be used for other kinds of beverages like juice bottles, energy drinks, soda cans and even ordinary tumblers and tall glasses.

The name koozie was actually coined as a trademark. The name was actually a trademark of the Radio Cap Corporation or the RCC and was registered in 1980. Since the koozie was introduced there have been several variations of the material, appearance and the styles. Here are some latest variations which were embraced by the general drinking public:

  1. Latest materials that are used  are able to effectively insulate a drink with the use of conduction and through external infrared sources. The latest ones may be able to reduce the rate a beer can warms up under the hot sun by up to 50%. There are specially-made huggies that are meant for beer drinking only; these are available for order online.
  2. One of the most common uses of a koozie is to easily identify your drink from other people. For example, you are drinking with several of your friends in a party; if all of you had one to place his drink in then there would be no trouble telling which drink is which.
  3. The most popular use of a koozie is for marketing purposes. Companies place their names and brands on them which they give away to patrons, customers and to new customers. This novelty item is perfect for the holidays, anniversaries, conferences and other company events. And aside from marketing, they may also be used as a memorabilia or a souvenir which are perfect for weddings, birthdays and parties.

Top 5 Wedding Combinations For A Winter Wedding


Is your wedding set for winter? Winter weddings are classy, dramatic, warm (contrary to the temperature) and very memorable. If you are still uncertain which color would suit your wedding best then check out these top wedding combinations this winter:

color combination in wedding

  1. All shades of blue including metallic blue are memorable shades to use for winter. Blue could be the color for your wedding dress accents, your bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding koozies and of course your wedding invitations. Blue hues are dramatic and very inspiring. It represents the frozen beauty of winter which is evident all around you and your wedding guests.
  2. Choosing black could be the last item on your list but trust that black and white accents and wedding themes look dramatic, formal, out of the ordinary and very intriguing. You may use black and white for your wedding cake color, for your invitations, for your wedding decorations and your wedding candles.
  3. Choosing purple for as your wedding color is a striking hue despite the winter cold. Purple looks vibrant as your bridesmaid dresses, wedding candles, wedding shoes, koozies, purses, flowers and even for your tableware.
  4. Teal color is one of the best colors for winder. Teal reminds you of an amazing spring ahead and this color will look best on your décor accents like teal on your wedding flowers, on your tableware, teal ribbons on your wedding cake and on your wedding invitations.
  5. Metallic wedding colors are not just for the modern bride and groom. Metallic colors are brass, gold, silver and lead and using these colors creates a beautiful color combination that ties up your wedding venue and all your wedding details. Metallic colors may be on our venue and ceremony decorations, on your invitations, on your wedding bouquet and your bridesmaids’ dresses. Metallic accents will also make the wedding more spectacular when appropriate lighting is used.


There are a lot more color combinations for weddings this winter so make sure you study colors closely to see if a particular hue is the best choice for your wedding and reception venue and for all the elements on your wedding. A site I like to use is colorschemedesigner.com which makes it easier to pick out color schemes

Top 3 Tips for Wedding Favors


When planning a wedding, the bride and groom invite friends and family to share the day with them. As a way of celebrating the day with you, friends and family will come with gifts designed to enable the two of you start a new life as husband and wife on a soft platform.

Therefore, it is quite normal for the bride and groom to show their appreciation by presenting guests with wedding favors. However, making an informed decision on the best wedding favor to purchase can be confusing and hard. Listed below, are tips on how to favorspick the best wedding favors:

1.      Opt for Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts are forms of presents commonly associated with emotions. Examples of sentimental gifts you can give to your guests include tea lights, cookies, cakes, candies and disposable cameras.

2.      Themed Wedding Favors

There is no doubt that your wedding theme will be reflected on virtually everything from the cake to the invitation card. If you have limited funds but still want to show your appreciation, consider making customized favor cards with the same ribbons and colors used on the décor and other items. Koozies also make a great theme favor, they can be personalized and printed with whatever you like.

3.      Couple Favors

At times, you may not have enough funds to buy everyone a gift. If there are guests who have come to your wedding as a couple, consider presenting them with a gift which the two of them can relish. Examples of couple favors include, but not limited to gourmet gifts, games as well as potted flowers.

When looking for wedding favors, you can choose between hands-on and edible gifts. Practical favors are gifts which can be used by your guests long after the wedding, for examples, custom koozies, coasters and wineglasses, while edible favors are gifts that can be consumed by your guests on their way home. Still need ideas read this In addition, to safeguard against the possibilities of a shortfall, create extra gifts.